Thursday, April 23, 2009

pictures story of malacca

All of these pictures are showing the uncle is very cheerful and cuties. The uncle is sale some souvenir at Malacca. He is work very hard to run their business. Even he is very tired but he still very happy and enjoy in his work. He doesn’t have any holiday and bonus but he still can survive and still very happy. He is very enjoying in his life.
He got a lot of experiences in his life. I think his experiences are very different with other people. His wrinkles are showing his experiences. His smile is come from heart. No lie in his smile.

He is a wheeler of tricycles at Malacca and he is searching for some customers. He never gives up to running on their business.

This child is working very hard to promote tourism spots of Malacca. Wheeler are design a themes for their tricycles.

All of these pictures are about wheeler for tricycles. They work very hard to run their business. They never give up on running their business. They will design a theme for their tricycles to attract tourist. Tricycle is a type of transportation that allows tourist travel around Malacca. Tricycles are cultures for Malacca. They keep this tradition from generation to generation. They will provide the best services for tourist. They will suggest some tourism spots for tourist. During ours Chinese’s primary school, there is a song is about tricycles. Tricycles are important representatives for Malaysia.

Tricycles are very important for Malacca. We need to respect them. Their job is very meaningful for Malacca. They are important to attract the tourist from all around the world to visit Malaysia, and some tourist came to Malaysia just to experience this spectacular culture. Although they didn’t earn as much as we did and their working environment is very tough, they still have the spirit to continue it and they had a lot of experiences in this business, they work because they interest and they want to protect this culture from disappeared. I think they contribute a lot to our country by saving this culture and we should preserve this culture and keep it until the next generation.

by hong zheng ee

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