Thursday, April 23, 2009

holiday-pictures story

All of these are my friends. We are celebrating one of my friend’s birthdays. We are celebrating her birthdays at Jogoya, Bukit Bintang. That day is quite special, not only we celebrate her birthday, its also a reunion for us since we didn’t meet each others for a long time. We take this opportunity gathered up and having our private times together. We enjoy ourselves very much, I invite my secondary schools and college friends and introduce them to each other, although they didn’t know each other, but they starting to get along very well. There are no awkward situation for them, cause they easily blend together and starting to have some conversation. I know that my friends are friendly, so I never worry about them to get along.

This birthday was actually planned by me, one of my college friends is a member of that restaurant and so I have an idea by inviting another group of friend since that day they are planning to celebrating birthday. I know that this is a great chance to introduce them to each other. When we arrived at there, we enjoy ourselves eating and chatting with each others. My college friends surprised me by buying a cake for another friend of mine, but I was very happy that it was a successful celebration.

by hong zheng ee

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