Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exciteness Having in Zoo

Passion of running: Fire of running keep burning inside a student who was participated in a running competition at zoo yesterday.

Tiredness and weariness: The student keep on running at the zoo negara even though there were exhausted.

Stop and rest: A student of the running competition rest and have a drink in the middle of the journey.

I am the winner: A student of the competition run in 'high speed' which show a attempt to be the winner.

Seek and choose: Qunnie Khong was seeking and choosing carefully for a perfect souvenir she want to bring home at a souvenir shop in zoo negara.

The wind from heaven: Qunnie Khong who was suffered from hotness of sun was enjoying the fan.

Don't try this at home: Hong Zheng Ee who took photos for his assignment was trying to scare the animals in the cave of zoo negara.

Seeking 'models' : Sheriene was taking the photos in zoo negara instead of just watching the animals.

Aiming a target: Cheo Yoon Kit was thinking about how to take a nice photo of the animals in zoo negara.
by: Vivian

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