Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holiday Picture Story

We Shoot We Play

Back to the traditional: The crews of "Lee Man" movie shooting were helping the actresses to make up in order to turn them back to the traditional look of chinese in the past, at a cultural restorant in Jonker Walk, Malacca.

Boy Make up artist: Dickson Liong, who is a boy make up artist was checking the skin of Fei Zai, one of the actor in movie " Lee Man" before start the make up.

Don't move: Mika Kong, the actress of "Lee Man" was trying not to move her face and body when make up by the make up artist, Adeline Siow, who is also one of the actress in movie.

Afraid yet enjoy: Lee Chau Siang was enjoying the process of make up and eye-brown cleaning eventhough it is the first time he did that.

40 degree celcius Passion: Hot weather was not the obstacle that block Lee Chau Siang, Director of " Lee Man" to stop shooting. Instead, he feel more passionate in getting the best shot of the scene.

Relax for 5 seconds: Felix, the lighting engineer of the movie rest for a few seconds while the actors were rehearsing their dialogue after a long time of shooting.

"One more shot": Lee Chau Siang was watching the shot taken to decide which is the best but he then shouted for one more shot because he was not so satisfying with the previous.

Concentration: Nick, the actor was concentrate on his acting without notice that the shooting had stop for a while. He just realised it after the other actor told him.

Back to the future: Three japanese army, Felix, Onn and Hao was posing like the japanese army who came back from the past while waiting for their scene part.

Just a pose: The Assistant Director, Eric Liang was holding the camera and pretend to be the director when he was trying to pass the camera the director at upstairs.

One man show: The entertainer among the crew, Dickson Liang, try to entertain the others by posing some weird and funny poses again. However, it was not appreciated by Jay, who stands beside him.

Another entertainer: Josline who dresses as the singer in the past was trying to make herself familiar with the character she pretended. She sang the oldies songs in front of the crews and casts.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day In A Life

Sun-baked worker: The bicycle workers at Saint paul Hill Malacca was suffering from the hot sun when they are waaiting for the customers. He just sit on the bicycle to rest while waiting for the customers to rent his bicycle.

Relax and Going Mad: The worker sit relaxly on the bicycle even though there was hot weather and crowded voices around him. He looks like sleeping on the bicycle which is an impossible action.

Hope and waiting: He is looking at the place and the people around waiting that customers come to him and rent his bicycle. His eye full of hope and desire to get a lot of business on the hot day.

Bicycle mania: The workers sit on the bicycle for some times while waiting for customer. He prefers to sit on it instead of standing or sit in the chair of the bicycle.

No stress: Different from other workers, this workers is very relaxand stressful. He relax himself by sitting inside the chair while waitinng for his customers.

Symbol of Malacca: The bicycle to carry people is one of the symbol of Malacca which will remind us of the fun and speciality of Malacca. The bicycle is decorated with a lot of flowers and it is colourful in order to attract customers. This bicycle is used to carry the tourists to travel to other places near the St.Paul Hill.

No waste time: Even though there are no customers in the bicycle, the worker still sit on the bicycle and always ready to work.
by : Vivian

Picture Story

Ultimate and Amazing Market

By : Cheo Yoon Kit

Weather meant nothing : Everyone were too exited to shop in the Chatuchak weekend market - one of the biggest and most famous market in the world.

Cooling : The cow milk ice-cream is one of the famous dessert in Chatcuchak. The fresh and pure cow milk which turn into ice-cream were able to attract the people's interest.

Cool & Chilled : A special vessel to turn liquids into cool and chilled popsicle in just a moment. It is a way of relieving your thrist under the hot sun.

Puppy for sale : It is an open air pet stall where the puppy were sold with a reasonable and affordable price compared to the pet shop in the town.

The most useful : Bangkok was known for its mosquitoes. This mosquitoes killer was very famous among the tourists for keeping them away from the mosquitoes' bite.
Talent & skill : A 14 years old girl was sitting beside the walk way playing the musical instrument to earn her living expenses during weekend.
The truth : Singing and danicng in the Chatuchak is the ordinary way to eran money. But you will never know the people under the fancy appearance was actually a man.

Chatuchak weekend market was also known as the mother of all markets in Bangkok, Thailand. It is only operated on Saturday and Sunday. It managed to attract more then 200,000 visitors every week. It has more than 15,000 stalls at Chatuchak covering all types of clothing, souveniers, thai craft, delicacies and etc.
My experince in Chatuchak was an excellent memories. I'm able to try a dessert which i wouldn't find in Malaysia. It is a scoop of coconut ice-cream with peanuts in the coconut shell. It was also come with a cup of chilled coconut milk. The price was so reasoanable, it is about RM2.50 per serving. Another thing that atrracted my interest was the shirts. The t-shirts there were sold in cheap price with good qualities. The design was great and fashionable. Besides that, I was also managed to buy some nice souveniers as a present for my family and friends.
Apart from that, another intesting part was the bargaining time. Good skills of bargaining makes me save a lot. It can always be bargained up to 30% or 40% of the original prices. I have spent more then six hours shopping in Chatuchak and finally i was back with a handful of unique and worthy goods.

Malacca In The Tourist Eye

Baba-Nyonya: A typical Baba-Nyonya shows the heritage of Baba-nyonya in Malacca through her dress-up in a cooking competition.

Charming smile: A beautiful baba-nyonya smile sweetly all the times shows the warmhearted of Malacca.

It's not chinese: A chinese-looking baba-nyonya is wearing a red suits which make her look like a chinese woman.

Satisfying: A baba- nonya was satisfying with the baba-nyonya cuisine and she was having her "second round".

Heritage city: Malacca is a state which is full of culture and history instead of various type of delicious cuisine.

The authentic cendol: The origin of cendol- baba- nyonya cendol which provides the most virgin taste of cendol.

Joy behind work: Instead of tiredness, the baba- nyonya enjoy their work and happy with what they were doing .

The only-man: The only man in the baba-nyonya section of cooking competition was giving a hand to the ladies.

Laugh and culture: An old man laugh happily in front of a cultural building while he passby there.

Fashion and oldies: An old man was wearing a fashion sun glasses standing in front of an old building.

Malacca- a cultural city: Malacca is a historical place that is full of cultural elements which you can find it in the people and building.

The warmest laughing: An old man who has strong personality was laughing deeply at the street of Jonker Walk. The laughing give a sense of warmth and comfortability.

Living happily in poorness: Even though he is living in a poor situation, he never feel sad or desperate. Instead, he is happy with what he has now. He lead his life to the happiest.

Age doesn't obstruct desire of working: An old man work with more commitment and harder even though he is old.

by: Vivian

Picture Story ~ Malacca Trip

Historical Yet Relaxable

By : Cheo Yoon Kit

Romance : Mr and Mrs Tan from Singapore were enjoying their sweet honey moon in Malacca.
Family day : parent always like to bring their children to visit Malacca. This is a good chance for the children to expose themselves before they learn the history of Malacca.

Afternoon nap : Uncle Lim was having his afternoon nap before he meet his friends for the chess session.

Talent and skill : Mr Lee work as a batil painter for almost 30 years. He enjoys sitting beside the street and paint.

Knowledgable guide : Mr Muhammad Faiz is the most popular tour guide in Malacca. He was known for his historical knowledge of Malacca and his humorous always entertain the tourists.

"It is old and full of historical elements". This is the first impression towards Malacca, no matter from a Malaysian or a tourist eyes. Malacca was made popular by its historical buildings, cultural and traditions. Sure, all these were the attractions which managed to attract the tourists to visit Malacca.
After i spent my half day in Malacca, i found out that Malacca is not just well known for its historical but it is also relaxable town to live or to visit. The citizens of Malacca were lived leisurely without the busy and noisy lifestyle like Kuala Lumpur. They can maintain their livelihood by selling some traditional handcraft, traditional food or they may perform their talent and skills at the corner of the street. Most of them were boss, and they are the boss of their own. Another main occupation for Malacca citizens is the tricycle. It is the landmark of Malacca. All the tricycle were decorated nicely and elegantly with different colour of flowers.
Imagine that you are riding a tricycle with the one you love and you will enjoy the scenery along the road. You may have chicken rice for lunch and cendol as dessert. After whole day sightseeing, you may sit on the beach and enjoy the warmest sunset with the accompanied by the Eye on Malaysia. This is the one and only place you can find in Malaysia. It is Malacca.