Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Story ~ Malacca Trip

Historical Yet Relaxable

By : Cheo Yoon Kit

Romance : Mr and Mrs Tan from Singapore were enjoying their sweet honey moon in Malacca.
Family day : parent always like to bring their children to visit Malacca. This is a good chance for the children to expose themselves before they learn the history of Malacca.

Afternoon nap : Uncle Lim was having his afternoon nap before he meet his friends for the chess session.

Talent and skill : Mr Lee work as a batil painter for almost 30 years. He enjoys sitting beside the street and paint.

Knowledgable guide : Mr Muhammad Faiz is the most popular tour guide in Malacca. He was known for his historical knowledge of Malacca and his humorous always entertain the tourists.

"It is old and full of historical elements". This is the first impression towards Malacca, no matter from a Malaysian or a tourist eyes. Malacca was made popular by its historical buildings, cultural and traditions. Sure, all these were the attractions which managed to attract the tourists to visit Malacca.
After i spent my half day in Malacca, i found out that Malacca is not just well known for its historical but it is also relaxable town to live or to visit. The citizens of Malacca were lived leisurely without the busy and noisy lifestyle like Kuala Lumpur. They can maintain their livelihood by selling some traditional handcraft, traditional food or they may perform their talent and skills at the corner of the street. Most of them were boss, and they are the boss of their own. Another main occupation for Malacca citizens is the tricycle. It is the landmark of Malacca. All the tricycle were decorated nicely and elegantly with different colour of flowers.
Imagine that you are riding a tricycle with the one you love and you will enjoy the scenery along the road. You may have chicken rice for lunch and cendol as dessert. After whole day sightseeing, you may sit on the beach and enjoy the warmest sunset with the accompanied by the Eye on Malaysia. This is the one and only place you can find in Malaysia. It is Malacca.

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