Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Story

Ultimate and Amazing Market

By : Cheo Yoon Kit

Weather meant nothing : Everyone were too exited to shop in the Chatuchak weekend market - one of the biggest and most famous market in the world.

Cooling : The cow milk ice-cream is one of the famous dessert in Chatcuchak. The fresh and pure cow milk which turn into ice-cream were able to attract the people's interest.

Cool & Chilled : A special vessel to turn liquids into cool and chilled popsicle in just a moment. It is a way of relieving your thrist under the hot sun.

Puppy for sale : It is an open air pet stall where the puppy were sold with a reasonable and affordable price compared to the pet shop in the town.

The most useful : Bangkok was known for its mosquitoes. This mosquitoes killer was very famous among the tourists for keeping them away from the mosquitoes' bite.
Talent & skill : A 14 years old girl was sitting beside the walk way playing the musical instrument to earn her living expenses during weekend.
The truth : Singing and danicng in the Chatuchak is the ordinary way to eran money. But you will never know the people under the fancy appearance was actually a man.

Chatuchak weekend market was also known as the mother of all markets in Bangkok, Thailand. It is only operated on Saturday and Sunday. It managed to attract more then 200,000 visitors every week. It has more than 15,000 stalls at Chatuchak covering all types of clothing, souveniers, thai craft, delicacies and etc.
My experince in Chatuchak was an excellent memories. I'm able to try a dessert which i wouldn't find in Malaysia. It is a scoop of coconut ice-cream with peanuts in the coconut shell. It was also come with a cup of chilled coconut milk. The price was so reasoanable, it is about RM2.50 per serving. Another thing that atrracted my interest was the shirts. The t-shirts there were sold in cheap price with good qualities. The design was great and fashionable. Besides that, I was also managed to buy some nice souveniers as a present for my family and friends.
Apart from that, another intesting part was the bargaining time. Good skills of bargaining makes me save a lot. It can always be bargained up to 30% or 40% of the original prices. I have spent more then six hours shopping in Chatuchak and finally i was back with a handful of unique and worthy goods.

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