Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day In A Life

Sun-baked worker: The bicycle workers at Saint paul Hill Malacca was suffering from the hot sun when they are waaiting for the customers. He just sit on the bicycle to rest while waiting for the customers to rent his bicycle.

Relax and Going Mad: The worker sit relaxly on the bicycle even though there was hot weather and crowded voices around him. He looks like sleeping on the bicycle which is an impossible action.

Hope and waiting: He is looking at the place and the people around waiting that customers come to him and rent his bicycle. His eye full of hope and desire to get a lot of business on the hot day.

Bicycle mania: The workers sit on the bicycle for some times while waiting for customer. He prefers to sit on it instead of standing or sit in the chair of the bicycle.

No stress: Different from other workers, this workers is very relaxand stressful. He relax himself by sitting inside the chair while waitinng for his customers.

Symbol of Malacca: The bicycle to carry people is one of the symbol of Malacca which will remind us of the fun and speciality of Malacca. The bicycle is decorated with a lot of flowers and it is colourful in order to attract customers. This bicycle is used to carry the tourists to travel to other places near the St.Paul Hill.

No waste time: Even though there are no customers in the bicycle, the worker still sit on the bicycle and always ready to work.
by : Vivian

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