Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holiday Picture Story

We Shoot We Play

Back to the traditional: The crews of "Lee Man" movie shooting were helping the actresses to make up in order to turn them back to the traditional look of chinese in the past, at a cultural restorant in Jonker Walk, Malacca.

Boy Make up artist: Dickson Liong, who is a boy make up artist was checking the skin of Fei Zai, one of the actor in movie " Lee Man" before start the make up.

Don't move: Mika Kong, the actress of "Lee Man" was trying not to move her face and body when make up by the make up artist, Adeline Siow, who is also one of the actress in movie.

Afraid yet enjoy: Lee Chau Siang was enjoying the process of make up and eye-brown cleaning eventhough it is the first time he did that.

40 degree celcius Passion: Hot weather was not the obstacle that block Lee Chau Siang, Director of " Lee Man" to stop shooting. Instead, he feel more passionate in getting the best shot of the scene.

Relax for 5 seconds: Felix, the lighting engineer of the movie rest for a few seconds while the actors were rehearsing their dialogue after a long time of shooting.

"One more shot": Lee Chau Siang was watching the shot taken to decide which is the best but he then shouted for one more shot because he was not so satisfying with the previous.

Concentration: Nick, the actor was concentrate on his acting without notice that the shooting had stop for a while. He just realised it after the other actor told him.

Back to the future: Three japanese army, Felix, Onn and Hao was posing like the japanese army who came back from the past while waiting for their scene part.

Just a pose: The Assistant Director, Eric Liang was holding the camera and pretend to be the director when he was trying to pass the camera the director at upstairs.

One man show: The entertainer among the crew, Dickson Liang, try to entertain the others by posing some weird and funny poses again. However, it was not appreciated by Jay, who stands beside him.

Another entertainer: Josline who dresses as the singer in the past was trying to make herself familiar with the character she pretended. She sang the oldies songs in front of the crews and casts.

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