Thursday, April 23, 2009

Malacca In The Tourist Eye

Baba-Nyonya: A typical Baba-Nyonya shows the heritage of Baba-nyonya in Malacca through her dress-up in a cooking competition.

Charming smile: A beautiful baba-nyonya smile sweetly all the times shows the warmhearted of Malacca.

It's not chinese: A chinese-looking baba-nyonya is wearing a red suits which make her look like a chinese woman.

Satisfying: A baba- nonya was satisfying with the baba-nyonya cuisine and she was having her "second round".

Heritage city: Malacca is a state which is full of culture and history instead of various type of delicious cuisine.

The authentic cendol: The origin of cendol- baba- nyonya cendol which provides the most virgin taste of cendol.

Joy behind work: Instead of tiredness, the baba- nyonya enjoy their work and happy with what they were doing .

The only-man: The only man in the baba-nyonya section of cooking competition was giving a hand to the ladies.

Laugh and culture: An old man laugh happily in front of a cultural building while he passby there.

Fashion and oldies: An old man was wearing a fashion sun glasses standing in front of an old building.

Malacca- a cultural city: Malacca is a historical place that is full of cultural elements which you can find it in the people and building.

The warmest laughing: An old man who has strong personality was laughing deeply at the street of Jonker Walk. The laughing give a sense of warmth and comfortability.

Living happily in poorness: Even though he is living in a poor situation, he never feel sad or desperate. Instead, he is happy with what he has now. He lead his life to the happiest.

Age doesn't obstruct desire of working: An old man work with more commitment and harder even though he is old.

by: Vivian

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