Thursday, March 19, 2009


worker for zoo negara hardworking to work


Friday, March 13, 2009

Picture Story

First Outting~~National Zoo

Photo by : Cheo Yoon Kit
Students in Pink

One group of kindergarden student were visiting the National Zoo.

The teachers took the responsible to take care of the children throughout the visit.

One of the teacher holds the child's hand tightly for his safety.

The teachers were guiding the children to stand
properly for the group photograph session.

The chidren get ready and prepare themselves for the group photograph session.

The children were running to the shade right after the group photograph session.

The children were resting under the shade and the

teachers were giving them water to drink.

The children were very dicipline, they pass around the water so

that everyone could have a drink under the hot sun.

One of the children were very sensitive to camera,he pose while i am taking his picture.

The children and teachers have spent their good time in National Zoo.