Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our vian

VIVIAN NG HUI WEN ; I’m Vivian or you can also call me Vian. I come from Butterworth, Penang. I left my home and came here to study. I’m now studying Diploma in Mass Communication at Dasein Academy of Art which is introduced by my net friends.

For my family and friends, I’m just a little simple but sometimes maybe ‘cute’ girl. Can you imagine a girl who is always day-dreaming whenever she at and usually in blur blur situation? Yup. That’s me! Nothing out of ordinary? Then, how about stay be in a daze, stare blankly or slack-jawed? That is how I behave…

I like to be quiet and that is how I act all the times. Even so, I can be very talkative at the same time. Quietness provides me a lot of thinking and listening ability. What I like to do? I usually listening to music, watching movies, writing diaries, sleeping, day-dreaming, reading and singing in my daily life. I love music very much. Music makes me feel refreshed and renewed after all day long and I usually release my stress and exhaustion through listening to the music I love. Music is my Life. Besides, I found that day-dreaming is the other way for me to refresh my mind and release my stress. You should try it!

Photography. I love it too. Now, I have discovered another interest of me. That is, the making of a movie or film. It’s fun. It’s challenging. I’m still learning to be better, in order to make my ‘dream’ movie.

Future. I’m still finding the direction and field that I really interested in. However, there are some choices such as TV or radio broadcast, event management… I believe that at the end of the day, I will finally found what I really want. So, now is the time to build up the foundation for all of that.

I’m looking forward for we going to learn in this subject, photojournalism.
written by vian

Our ah yoon

CHEO YOON KIT ; My name is Cheo Yoon Kit. This is the most ordinary way to introduce myself. Anyway, it still needs to be continued. I am nineteen years old and now living in Sentul with my family. I am taking Mass Communication course at Dasein Academy of Art which is located at Wangsa Maju.

Throughout the semesters, I am glad to be in this class and glad to know my classmates. Besides that, I have also learned many things which I never exposed to. The most interesting subject that I have learned was the film studies. In this class, I have an opportunity to involve in a production team and produce a short film. I really proud to the member of DMC073.
As my future career, I wish I could be in the event management field. This is the main reason why I choose Mass Communication. I am more interested to be in the entertainment line compared to the economy and politic.

I really enjoy my college life and I hope I can have more sweet memories with my classmates and lecturer.
written by ah yoon

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Bear-bear

HONG ZHENG EE; my nick name is bear-bear. Among the nick names of fatty, panda bear...bear-bear is my favourite. Therefore my classmates call me bear-bear. I’m 20 years old. I’m living in Ampang. Sometimes I feel very weird because a lot of people never heard Ampang before.

I’m now studying Mass Communication at Dasein Academy of Art. I have chosen this course because it is interesting compares with other course. Another reason I’m taking Mass Communication because I like to talk. I want to work in the field of event management and deal with a lot of events in the future.
My hobby is singing, climbing and watching movie. I like sports because I want to keep fit. That is my goal in this year. I’m very cheerful and playful. I like to disturb people. Sometimes I will be very serious. I like drama. Drama is most important in my life. I hope to be an Oscar awards best actor in the future. But a lot of people told me that is impossible. Sometimes I dislike people look down on me and suspect me. I dislike people don't believe me.

Now I’m waiting my true love. I’m always waiting for my true love. Other people think that I'm a play boy. Actually I’m not a play boy. Love for me is quite important because I hope someone can care me. Someone can love me. Actually I’m not really understand what love is.

Friendship for me is very important. Friends are very important for everybody. They are always supporting you. They always believe you. Sometimes when you feel lonely, friends can accompany you. I’m very treasure my friends. I won’t let other people hurt my friends. I’m always protecting them. I hope our friendship can last forever.

written by bear-bear